Antwerp City Cup 2023


Antwerp City Cup 2.4mR

International sailing championship for the 2.4 mR one design class – 12th edition

The 2.4mR is a one-person keelboat that offers even the most accomplished competitive sailors a unique opportunity to test their sailing skills.


Dates: 27/10/2023 – 29/10/2023

Venue: Lake Galgenweel – left bank Antwerp – Belgium

Host: Royal Yacht club Van België – RYCB Sailcenter



How to get there: Smart ways to Antwerp CLICK HERE (also in Dutch, French, German)


Notice of Race:  CLICK HERE

Register: CLICK HERE


Race program:  In general: 4 races planned on first and second day, 2 races on third day

Social program: daily happy hour & finger food – Sailors dinner at Royal Yacht Club van België Clubhouse (a mile away from the Galgenweel) – besprinkled prizegiving.

More about the 2.4 mR Class


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Antwerp City Cup 2.4 mR

27 October 2023